Blues Utopia

Blues Utopia: Blues Band

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Artist: Blues Utopia

Artist: Blues Utopia
Title: Blues Band

This is Des Kennedy's third album. The first being Harp N Soul, the second being Blues Man, and now BLUES BAND!! It was recorded quite differently to the previous two. This was more a labour of love as was were the others but the main difference being that all the artists were recorded seperately one after the other. First was percussion and Harmonica, then Guitar, then Bass and finally keys. Track 1 is a live recording with the introduction of Congo drums and the Didgeradoo. The style is unique and original unlike what you might have heard in past recordings. I hope you like it.

1.1 6 O' Clock Blues
1.2 Ain't Blue No More
1.3 Beyond Blue
1.4 Devil Ways
1.5 Evil Ways
1.6 Got a Bone to Pick
1.7 Heart Breaker
1.8 It Must Be a Blue Moon
1.9 Joy Forever
1.10 Love Sick
1.11 Make Me Smile Pussy Cat
1.12 Mistreatin Mama
1.13 My Cherry
1.14 Sweet Heart of Mine
1.15 Sweet Candy Cane

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