Bluesville Station

Bluesville Station: Ridin the Warrego

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Artist: Bluesville Station
Title: Ridin the Warrego

Bluesville Station Band, the boogie boys from Down Under, have now released their fourth independent recording 'Ridin' The Warrego'. With Brad Palmer playing slide guitar and blues harmonica, Paul Wilson on the drums, Micah Reimers on Bass, and Mark Buhmann on guitar, the band are playing clubs and festivals along the East Coast of Australia with great feel. Dash tappin' boogie, surf and travellin' blues is what the guys love to play. Three part harmonies are also a great feature of this rockin' combo. "Yeah, I heard these guys at the Blues Festival and they were just terrific. I've got all their albums - they're great." Cate Thompson - Spirit FM 'Nothin On You', 'Wastin' My Time', 'Goin' To Johanna', 'Tales From The Squealin' Pig' and 'I've Been Thinking' are just some of the tracks that appear on the new album. The album title "Ridin' The Warrego" refers to the Warrego Highway which takes the band west from the coast into cotton and cattle country on their inland tours.

1.1 Nothin' on You
1.2 I'm the One
1.3 Wastin' My Time
1.4 Tales from the Squealin' Pig
1.5 Goin' to Johanna
1.6 I've Been Thinkin'
1.7 Feel
1.8 Scratch My Back
1.9 Dawn Patrol
1.10 Bits ; Pieces
1.11 Blues Alone
1.12 Poor Boy Blues

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