Bo Carter

Bo Carter: Reality

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Artist: Bo Carter

Artist: Bo Carter
Title: Reality

This is the first full production album that I have released. We spent alot of money and time to make this the best we could so the listeners could enjoy it without bad mixes. I would say that my strong point on the album is the lyrics. I intend for my lyrics to reach out and touch your heart wherever you are in life. I find that as i grow the songs grow with me and i hope that they do the same for you. We also have a pop rock edge that will keep you moving in your seat. This upbeat album is a great addition to your music library. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that you enjoy listening to reality and we enjoyed making it.

1.1 Otherside
1.2 Let's Roll
1.3 One Good Reason
1.4 Open Your Eyes
1.5 No
1.6 Lights Out
1.7 That's What I'm Gonna Do
1.8 9 Am
1.9 Scars and All
1.10 Feelin' Good
1.11 Hollywood
1.12 Bigger and Better
1.13 Sorry That I Lied

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