Bob Bloom

Bob Bloom: Where's Your Drum?

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Artist: Bob Bloom

Artist: Bob Bloom
Title: Where's Your Drum?

For over a decade, Bob Bloom served as a performance member of Dr. Babatunde Olatunji's troupe 'Drums of Passion'. The Connecticut Commission on the Arts awarded certification to Bob as a Master Teaching Artist in 1997. He is chair of the Interactive Drumming Committee of The Percussive Arts Society, the largest percussion organization in the world.

1.1 Fanga
1.2 Shortening Bread
1.3 Dancing in the Streets
1.4 Kachiri
1.5 Old McDonald
1.6 Valerian
1.7 Where's Your Drum?
1.8 Down in the Valley Two By Two
1.9 Draw Me a Bucket of Water
1.10 Itsa Hoot
1.11 Ise Oluwa
1.12 Sai G'obe

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