Bob Brookmeyer: The Street Swingers

Bob Brookmeyer: The Street Swingers
Title: The Street Swingers
Label: Lonehill Jazz Spain

This edition presents Bob Brookmeyer's complete album, THE STREET SWINGERS, featuring him on both trombone and piano, backed by Jimmy Raney and Jim Hall. As a bonus, the complete original LP, THE DUAL ROLE OF BOB BROOKMEYER, also recorded in a small group format and presents Raney again on guitar and Brookmeyer in the dual role of trombonist and pianist. Two albums on one CD!

1.1 Arrowhead 7:00
1.2 Street Swingers 6:21
1.3 Hot Buttered Noodling 6:04
1.4 Musicale Du Jour 8:50
1.5 Raney Day 5:26
1.6 Jupiter 5:07
1.7 Rocky Scotch 4:40
1.8 Under the Lilacs 5:07
1.9 They Say It's Wonderful 5:49
1.10 Potrezebie 4:49
1.11 Revelation 5:46
1.12 Star Eyes 4:29
1.13 Nobody's Heart 4:25
1.14 Loup-Garou 4:38

Bob Brookmeyer: The Street Swingers

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