Bob Cushing

Bob Cushing: Still Alive!

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Artist: Bob Cushing

Artist: Bob Cushing
Title: Still Alive!

Bob Cushing has earned his living as a solo singer/songwriter for 20 years. To commemorate that milestone, he has hooked up with friend,multi-instrumentalist, and long-time collaborator Chris Goins to release a double live acoustic VH-1 Storytellers-like album spanning all 5 of his studio albums, as well as a couple of choice cover tunes. They brought along a couple of special musical guests.. Kenny Cowden, {Harmonica} and Duane Harmon {Guitar}to capture Bob's songs the way his fans are used to hearing them...Acoustically in an intimate club setting, along with all the stories behind the tunes. This CD is Cushing at his stripped down, hell raising best with Mr Goins and CO. Providing some welcome virtuosity to the proceedings!

1.1 Intro
1.2 The Next Best Thing
1.3 Intro
1.4 When Did the World Pass Me By
1.5 Intro
1.6 C'Mon Big Brother
1.7 Intro
1.8 Smoker's Blues
1.9 Intro
1.10 I Need a Lover {Not a Mother}
1.11 Intro
1.12 Wrong
1.13 Intro
1.14 Always Knew
1.15 Intro
1.16 Now That We've Met
1.17 Intro
1.18 Somehow We Survived It All
1.19 Intro
1.20 Restless Kind
1.21 Intro
1.22 Lost in a Fog
1.23 Intro
1.24 Coming Down
1.25 Intro
1.26 Better Days
1.27 Intro
1.28 One Good Drunk
1.29 Intro
1.30 Middle Aged Crazy/One Man Band
1.31 Intro
1.32 Time Slips Away
1.33 Intro
1.34 Lodi
1.35 Intro
1.36 Soulshine
1.37 Intro
1.38 Hillbilly Fag Bar

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