Bob Janis

Bob Janis: First Vintage

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Artist: Bob Janis

Artist: Bob Janis
Title: First Vintage

'With his traditional vocals and style, Bob Janis is an artist reminiscent of days gone by, when music was crafted, not just created... when an artist lived and felt their songs, not just sang them. A true classic.' Karen E. Reynolds, Writer's Block, WDVX, Clinton TN.

1.1 Hold on Tight
1.2 On Manhattan Island
1.3 This Little Spot
1.4 You Are My Private Life
1.5 Setting Sun Lady
1.6 Little Bits of Glass
1.7 Cold Coffee, Warm Memories
1.8 Snow Crystal
1.9 Nearing Higher Ground
1.10 I'm Not Going Back

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