Bob Katz

Bob Katz: When Good Mangos Go Bad

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Artist: Bob Katz

Artist: Bob Katz
Title: When Good Mangos Go Bad

'Are southpaws wired differently? Consider the following: Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Lenny Bruce, Lewis Carroll, Cole Porter, both Everly Brothers, Barack Obama, Paul and Ringo, Ben Franklin, Harpo Marx, Babe Ruth, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland...oh, don't forget Michelangelo and Leonardo. All left-handers. Bob Katz is a left hander, too, and he's wired in a different and wonderful way. If you could swirl the clever lyricism of Cole with the sly cherubic humor of Harpo, and add a shmear of Judy's showbiz pizzazz, you'd have a concoction, a left-handed one, akin to Bob. He blends his New York City street smarts with the sensitivity of a committed social healer, and the stories he tells expand outward from the streets of Queens to encompass your life, and mine, dear listener. He can make you laugh and care at the same time. The fellow is full of surprises, and he's got a set of pipes that can handle an aria. (On this debut disc, he does just that.) So lend an ear, a tear, and a funnybone too, to a true southpaw, a creature who inhabits his own unique species, Bob Katz.' - Pete Kennedy (The Kennedys)

1.1 When Good Mangos Go Bad
1.2 Phone Call to Sprint
1.3 Our Love Will Always Burn Bright
1.4 Jimmy
1.5 The Unfinished Burger
1.6 The Passing of Time
1.7 Virginia Tech
1.8 Mahler and Spree
1.9 Dementia
1.10 The Will to Power
1.11 Tapping with the Dance Majors
1.12 The Full Mango
1.13 They Park the Car By the Marina

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