Bob Kendall

Bob Kendall: Bob Kendall

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bob Kendall

Title: Bob Kendall
Label: CD Baby

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie. Dave Narcizo on drums, Rafael Attias - guitar, Chuck Ciany plays guitar and backing vocals, Dan Wright on keys and backing vocals, and Kevin Zahm on bass. Robin Vaughan sings on Rage and WAISTD and Greg 'the SKEG' Kendall adds additional lead guitars and that elusive '3rd Sound'. Bob Kendall strums the guitar, bangs keys, sings and wrote all of the songs except for 'Long Road' (Gary Smith) and 'Dazed' (Kendall, Wright, Zahm, Attias, Narcizo, and Ciany). Recorded at Stable Sound in Portsmouth, RI. This recording is also currently released by 75orLess Records. This recording was made possible by the generous contributions via our Pledge Music campaign.

1.1 Stay
1.2 Long Road
1.3 New Day
1.4 Waistd
1.5 Rage
1.6 Dazed
1.7 Dead End Dream
1.8 Holiday
1.9 Pall Mall Days
1.10 You Can't Have Everything
1.11 The Wind

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