Bob Stamper: It Is Finished It Is Done

Bob Stamper: It Is Finished It Is Done
Title: It Is Finished It Is Done
Label: CD Baby

Bob Stamper sings the beautiful songs of Harold Stall. Harold Stall,chose seasoned singer/entertainer, Bob Stamper, to deliver his ministry in song for all the world to enjoy. The simplicity of these songs will touch your heart, lift up your spirits and remind you that the beautiful words in John 3:16 is still his promise in: John: 3:16 is still God's promise today. If you thought for a minute that you hadn't heard a good Gospel song lately then check this powerful life changing CD out...You'll love it!

1.1 Oh I Can Hardly Wait
1.2 Where's Your Soul Gonna Go
1.3 Daddy, Daddy, Guess Who I Saw
1.4 There to Hold Their Hand
1.5 A Whisper Away
1.6 My Rose Among the Thorns
1.7 The Bible on Mother's Knee
1.8 God Turned Away Because of Me
1.9 Your Island of Loneliness
1.10 It Is Finished, It Is Done

Bob Stamper: It Is Finished It Is Done

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