Bobby Dielman: What Were You Thinking?

Bobby Dielman: What Were You Thinking?
Title: What Were You Thinking?
Label: CD Baby

Rockin' blues- mostly boy girl songs. 'What Were you Thinking' - a grinding slow blues - the girl's being mistreated. You know what's going to happen. 'When the Begging Begins' - self explanatory (I played the open tuned Kay) 'Old Times Sake' - also self explanatory! 'Just a Feeling' - something bad goin' on (Bryan Ellingson on harp- thank you, Bryan!) 'Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me' - tried to make it sound like something on a juke box when I was a kid. Used the Fender Stringmaster 8 string steel guitar. I need to play it more! 'You Lost Your Good Thing' - payback's tough. 'Ain't No Way' - I never heard Z. Z. Top- honest!!!!! 'Goin' Home to See My Baby' - a travel song. Played the Gibson BR9 6 string lap steel. 'Do You Know?' - wrote this on Good Friday a couple years ago. God is good! Played the National Style 'O' Gearheads, this album was done unles otherwise noted, with a '61 Fender Stratocaster and a Matchless Clubman with a 2-12 cab. Project done at Eddie Kinders' Blue Rock Bakery studio. Thanks Ed! Couldn't have done it without you.

1.1 What Were You Thinking?
1.2 When the Begging Begins
1.3 Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me
1.4 You Lost Your Good Thing
1.5 Old Time's Sake
1.6 Ain't No Way
1.7 Just a Feeling
1.8 Going Home to See My Baby
1.9 Do You Know?

Bobby Dielman: What Were You Thinking?

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