Bobby G. Berney

Bobby G. Berney: Songwriter II

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Artist: Bobby G. Berney

Artist: Bobby G. Berney
Title: Songwriter II

This is a continuation of my work as a songwriter. I have explored new styles and arrangements in my humble attempt to move to the next level of songwriting. I hope you will find it to be a pleasing piece of musical art. My reward in songwriting is you - the listener - enjoying the listening experience. I am very excited about the new song. The title of the new single is 'THE BEST'. A couple of comments from Fans: Keep'em coming. Always excited to listen to your new songs. Love them All. You know Kathy Anne is my favorite! Scott Smith of Forney, Tx When I listen to your songs, I'm comfortable in his heart. Jana Mušinská of Czechoslovakia (referring to the Gospel songs)

1.1 The Best
1.2 Stay [Bridge Version]
1.3 Kathy Anne
1.4 Forever in Love with You
1.5 The Shoebox
1.6 Whirlwind
1.7 A Little Country Church

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