Bobby Osborne: Masters of the Mandolin

Bobby Osborne: Masters of the Mandolin
Title: Masters of the Mandolin
Label: Pinecastle

Masters of the Mandolin is the first time Bobby Osborne and Jesse McReynolds, two of the most innovative mandolin pickers in the history of bluegrass, have recorded together. They have each developed an immediately recognizable mandolin style: McReynolds invented a technique known as cross-picking that allows him to replicate complex banjo rhythms, while Osborne plays in a smooth, melodically driven way. The two men take an obvious joy in the music as they trade licks with each other, and their version of the Bill Monroe classic "Cheyenne" ends with their delighted laughter. Both men have been making records since the late 1950s and their playing on classic fiddle tunes such as "Soldier's Joy" or "Goodbye Liza Jane" demonstrates the sort of musical understanding that only comes from years of performing. Osborne and McReynolds have each earned their places in bluegrass history, but the vital music on Masters of the Mandolin shows they aren't ready to rest on their laurels just yet. -Michael Simmons

1.1 Night Runner
1.2 Okeechobee Wind
1.3 East Tennessee Blues
1.4 The Waltz You Saved for Me
1.5 Drifting and Dreaming of You
1.6 Sure Fire
1.7 Soldier's Joy
1.8 Nearer My God to Thee
1.9 Bonaparte's Retreat
1.10 Memories
1.11 Cheyenne
1.12 Goodbye Liza Jane
1.13 7th of December
1.14 Just Wondering Why
1.15 Cotton Patch Rag
1.16 Bluegrass Express

Bobby Osborne: Masters of the Mandolin

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