Bodie Wagner: Vintage

Bodie Wagner: Vintage
Title: Vintage
Label: CD Baby

While the word vintage refers to a vineyard's yield during a season this particular collection has only a taste of the yield from several seasons. The test of a vintage is whether or not, with the passage of time, it turns to wine. There's been enough interest, of late, expressed by fans and friends to encourage my hope that some of these expressions have stood the vintner's test. I invite you to uncork a few of these dusty old dances with the muse of life's experience and judge for yourself. I made all but one of these songs during the years 1972 through 1983. The one I didn't compose is from the capable pen of Malvina Reynolds, "The Bankers & The Diplomats", which I learned from several sources, including Malvina herself. Like a lot of folks who write she loved to hear people singing her songs and was very generous with us younger folk. As with any publication there's always the risk that as you grow and mature it will come back to bite you. You may listen to something you put together decades ago and say, "Huh, what in the world was I thinking?" This is a compilation of two albums recorded in 1974 and in 1983. I'm happy to say that, after not hearing them for many years and sitting down to give them a fresh listen, instead of saying, "Huh?" I found myself saying, "Oh yea, I remember that." and locking into the expression like an old friend. In my life I've been blessed with appreciation, encouragement and guidance from people far too numerous to name them all here, many no longer with us. I've tried, over the years, to thank you all but for those I may have missed, I thank you now. It's because of you, my loved ones, friends, teachers and numerous extended families who have offered me courage and support, that I feel compelled to dust off these tunes and send them around again to find new listeners and old friends. Bodie Wagner, Sept. 2010 The first 10 songs were recorded at Philo Records in North Ferrisburg, Vermont in 1974 & was engineered by: Michael Couture. Personnel heard in these recordings are: Bodie Wagner: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocal Pop Wagner: Guitar & Vocal {Chugga Tramp} Martin Grosswendt: Pedal Steel & Dobro Alfred Gertler: Bass Jim Ringer: Vocal {I Been On The Road} Hillary Woodruff: Vocal {Chugga Tramp} Joan Balter: Fiddle {Chugga Tramp} Joel Eckhaus: Mandolin {I Been On The Road} Margaret Macarthur: Vocal {I Been On The Road} Songs 11 through 21 were recorded at Bay Records in Alameda, California in 1983 & was engineered by: Michael Cogan. Bodie sings & plays guitar, harmonica & autoharp. Remastering engineers: Mikail Graham & Bruce Wheelock Cover Art: Jan Conroy Graphic Design & Photography: Julia Boorinakis Harper.

1.1 Chugga Tramp
1.2 Just Me
1.3 I Gave My Heart to San Antone
1.4 I'd Like to Say I'm Proud
1.5 I Been on the Road
1.6 One of Those Countless Truckstops
1.7 America
1.8 Wooly Bum Man
1.9 Rocky Rose
1.10 Magic Mojo
1.11 Louisiana Bo
1.12 Black Bird
1.13 Bumble Bee
1.14 Fall
1.15 The Bankers ; the Diplomats By Malvina Reynolds
1.16 The Moon
1.17 Sorry As the Roses
1.18 Voo Doo
1.19 True Blue
1.20 Halloween
1.21 I Believe

Bodie Wagner: Vintage

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