Boduf Songs

Boduf Songs: Burnt Up on Re-Entry

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Artist: Boduf Songs

Artist: Boduf Songs
Title: Burnt Up on Re-Entry
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Burnt Up on Re-Entry is a piece - an infinite space - where dark psychedelics are crafted using a combination of raw electronics, manipulated samples and heavy rock guitar. Where once other instruments were rare interludes betwixt brooding vocals and carefully plucked guitar, now they have a much bigger part to play, shaping entire songs into an animated whole. The song craft on Burnt Up on Re-Entry remains centered around a heavy melodic and melancholic core, which has been prevalent across the entire Boduf Songs canon.

1.1 Fiery the Angels Fell
1.2 A Brilliant Shaft of Light from Out of the Night Sky
1.3 The Gateway Sound
1.4 Song to Keep Me Still
1.5 Vermin, Rend Thy Garments
1.6 Everyone Will Let You Down in the End
1.7 Long Divider
1.8 Drexelius Sick Man Quarles Emblemes Closed Heaven
1.9 Between the Palisades and the Firmament
1.10 Maggot Ending
1.11 Oh My Overlord

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