Body & Braveyoung

Body & Braveyoung: Nothing Passes

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Body & Braveyoung
Title: Nothing Passes
Product Type: VINYL LP

Nothing passes is not a split but a collaboration between The Body (Blackened, Noise, Doom) and Braveyoung (Orchestral / Drone Rock). After playing several shows together the bands entered Provindence's Machines With Magnets early in 2011. The result a layered but cohesive voyage through cavernous, noise-laden tumult and chaos, ethereal horror-soundtrack creepouts and even serene acoustic passages, exploring new styles for both acts while still having elements of ea. Bands trademark styles. Additional sonic layers are by the Assembly Of Light Choir and Human Beast! Layer after layer of drone builds ending with the dark sounds of a bowed guitar. The bright chimes of a xylophone weaves with the angelic sounds of the Assembly Of Light Choir. Soothing sounds are drowned by piercing feedback which is then consumed by the slow steady march of percussion accented by long drawn out notes of low end with mutiple levels of crackles, hiss, and noise. Drums fall out and come back building to a crescendo with screeching vocals contrasted with the otherwordly voices AOLC! Harsh distortion underlie the peaceful notes of piano and xylophone and travels to a slow build of drone. Nothing Passes concludes with a cover of Exuma's 'The Vision' where the vocals of Chrissy Wolpert sing of how 'all the waters of the earth turned to blood'

1.1 A1 Song One
1.2 A2 Song Two
1.3 B1 Nothing Passes
1.4 B2 the Vision

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