Body Count

Body Count: Bloodlust

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Artist: Body Count

Artist: Body Count
Title: Bloodlust
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve. The highly controversial and iconic, Body Count (featuring Ice-T on vocals) returns on Century Media Records with their highly anticipated new full-length produced by Will Putney (Miss May I, Upon A Burning Body). Putney also tracked the group's last effort, Manslaughter (2014), which caught the entire genre's immediate attention with it's sheer abrasiveness and unabashed brutality. While Manslaughter was a call to arms and return to power, Bloodlust is a merciless battle, filled to capacity with razor-sharp riffs, street born punk attitude and belligerent lyrics. Mastermind Ice-T is breathing fire and brimstone from the very first to the very last song. Be it the incendiary opening track "Civil War," the gangster anthem "The Ski Mask Way," the sick "Here I Go Again," the thrashing massacre "Walk With Me..." or politically charged stuff like the two video tracks "No Lives Matter" and "Black Hoodie," Bloodlust shows Body Count in peak form, stronger and more furious than ever before.

1.1 Civil War Featuring - Dave Mustaine
1.2 The Ski Mask Way
1.3 This Is Why We Ride
1.4 All Love Is Lost
1.5 Raining Blood / Postmortem 2017
2.1 God, Please Believe Me
2.2 Walk with Me
2.3 Here I Go Again
2.4 No Lives Matter
2.5 Bloodlust
2.6 Black Hoodie
3.1 CD Civil War Featuring - Dave Mustaine
3.2 The Ski Mask Way
3.3 This Is Why We Ride
3.4 All Love Is Lost
3.5 Raining Blood / Postmortem 2017
3.6 God, Please Believe Me
3.7 Walk with Me
3.8 Here I Go Again
3.9 No Lives Matter
3.10 Bloodlust
3.11 Black Hoodie

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