Bodyfarm: Dreadlord

Bodyfarm: Dreadlord
Title: Dreadlord
Label: No Dust Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Bodyfarm have returned to the field of battle, armed to the teeth! If you thought the beast had been silenced forever - think again! Bodyfarm first unfurled their standard in 2009, releasing their self titled debut EP in 2010 - a bitter distillation of the essence of death metal. Three monstrous albums followed; Malevolence, The Coming Scourge and Battle Breed, all released through Cyclone Empire to a resounding chorus of critical acclaim. The band toured throughout Europe with Death To All and brought the hammer down on festivals such as Party San, Dynamo Metal Fest, Summer Breeze, Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Carpathian Alliance, Protzen and Turock Open Air, leaving carnage in their wake. A brief salvo was fired in the summer of 2018 as Vic Records re-released that first, renowned EP, under the name Into Battle, with new artwork, but there was no sign of a fresh assault. However, behind the obscuring curtain of gun smoke, frantic activity was taking place within the trenches. Recorded in their own home studio with long time engineer and former bass player, Harry van Breda, Bodyfarm have finished work on their fourth album, imperiously entitled Dreadlord! The product of eight long months of blood and sweat, this new collection of high powered weapons brings together the thundering, implacable attack of Asphyx, the artillery barrage threaded through with winding, captivating melodies of Unanimated and Bodyfarm's own unique elixir - a thick, black blood siphoned directly from the very heart of the death metal beast. Injected with unprecedented power by the mixing and mastering skills of Dan Swanö (Asphyx, Bloodbath, Hail Of Bullets etc) in his Unisound studio and adorned with the magnificent art of genre legend Dan Seagrave (Pestilence, Dismember, Suffocation etc) Dreadlord represents the ultimate expression of Bodyfarm's battle lust.

1.1 Dreadlord
1.2 Rites of Damnation
1.3 Manhunt
1.4 Woods of Dismay
1.5 We Sailed to Death
1.6 The Horsemen
1.7 Eternal
1.8 Unholy Resurrection
1.9 Angelreaper
1.10 Faces of Death
1.11 Undead Warmachine

Bodyfarm: Dreadlord

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