Bola De Nieve

Bola De Nieve: Bola de Nieve

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Artist: Bola De Nieve

Artist: Bola De Nieve
Title: Bola de Nieve

Bola de Nieve was a sophisticated Cuban cabaret stylist known for ironic patter, subtle musical interpretation, with a repertoire that included songs in French, English, Catalan, Portuguese and Italian. He toured widely in Europe and the Americas, and his friends included Andres Segovia and Pablo Neruda. He was black and gay, self-confident in his personality, and was accepted for what he was: A memorable talent. Featured here are historic recordings originated in Cuba shortly before the Cuban embargo of 1959. Digitally remastered.

1.1 Lacho
1.2 Senor Por Que
1.3 La Flor de la Canela
1.4 Vete de Mi
1.5 En C'est Anla
1.6 No Me Comprendes
1.7 Tu No Sospechas
1.8 El Dulcero
1.9 No Me Platiques
1.10 Tata Cunengue
1.11 Es Tan Dificil
1.12 Devuelveme Mis Besos
1.13 Faixa de Saten
1.14 Te Olvidare
1.15 Chivo Que Rompe Tambo

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