Bola Sete

Bola Sete: Bola Sete Live at Grace Cathedral

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Artist: Bola Sete

Artist: Bola Sete
Title: Bola Sete Live at Grace Cathedral

'BOLA SETE LIVE AT GRACE CATHEDRAL'---August 2004 This release is an editor's pick on Smother.Net Review Bola Sete, a guitar god, is perhaps the most influential guitarist to have ever stepped out of Brazil. With his death in 1987 went a legend who was once called by Carlos Santana a 'monster genius' and 'supremely important'. His widow started Samba Moon Records to preserve his music and let it reach the newer generation of guitarists. On this particular record he plays solo acoustic guitar live with a set that's perhaps his best ever. A journey of such soulful guitar artistry that even monstrous Grace Cathedral couldn't hold his sound-it's simply too mammoth. For a guitar legend that once held a cavaquinho in his tiny hands as a child---to produce such important contemporary music---makes it all the more worthy of the praise that will live on well past his death. !

1.1 Jongo
1.2 Gaucho/Meu Ogum
1.3 Carnival Hights
1.4 Flamenco Fantasy
1.5 Ocean Waves (O Mar)
1.6 Jongada
1.7 O Astronauto
1.8 Vira Mundo Penba
1.9 Guitar Lamento
1.10 Tio George
1.11 Bonus Material [Multimedia Track]

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