Bolt: Movement and Detail

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Artist: Bolt

Artist: Bolt
Title: Movement and Detail

Throughout the sticky and sweltering summer of 2001, Bolt began crafting it's unique brand of instrumental rock with the self release of a four song EP entitled, " 7Kr01." Recorded after only two months as a group, the band pressed 150 copies and used them as promotional discs to snag regional gigs. As interest in their break neck yet precise compositions grew, Bolt recorded it's first full length effort, "Circadian Rhythm," a raw and energetic work with tinges of video game music peeking out from behind the relentless and raucous riffs. Bolt independently released the record in March of 2003 whereupon the band continued to play but consciously initiated somewhat of a musical shift. Captivating and unique, Bolt's noticeably darker sophomore release, Movement and Detail, has a personality that is indeed hard to pin down. There's a self-effacing thread that runs throughout the entire album, just beneath the cool technical precision. The band shifts from eerie atmospherics to hints of jazz but also sashays from metal riffs to downright dance-able texturing that forces you to do the tango, again, and again.

1.1 The Devil's Paintbrush
1.2 Stryker
1.3 Anaphase
1.4 Variables
1.5 Invasion
1.6 Skydiving with a Life Preserver
1.7 Vendetta
1.8 Knocking on 9
1.9 Vanilla
1.10 Solar
1.11 Kick

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