Bomb the Bass: Future Chaos

Bomb the Bass: Future Chaos
Title: Future Chaos
Label: K7

Limited edition two CD set of Bomb the Bass' 2008 album release of Future Chaos featuring Paul Conboy, Fujiya and Miyagi, Toob, Mark Lanegan, Jon Spencer, with specials like the Adam Sky Ravebummer Mix, the Dan Aykroyd Mix by Various, Future Funk Squad's 'Jonboy' Remix, Gui Borrato Remix and Star (exclusive bonus edition track). in an interview, Simenon commented that the album had taken so long to complete partly because he had wanted to change direction, to take on a more simplistic, less cluttered feel - necessitating a restart and re-record.

1.1 Smog (Feat Paul Conboy)
1.2 Butterfingers (Feat Fujiya and Miyagi)
1.3 Old John (Feat Paul Conboy)
1.4 Burn the Bunker (Feat Toob)
1.5 So Special (Feat Paul Conboy)
1.6 No Bones (Feat Paul Conboy)
1.7 Black River (Feat Mark Lanegan)
1.8 Hold Me Up (Feat Paul Conboy)
1.9 Fuzzbox (Feat Jon Spencer)
1.10 Butterfingers (Adam Sky Ravebummer Mix)
1.11 Butterfingers (Dan Aykroyd Mix By Various)
1.12 Old John (Future Funk Squad's 'Jonboy' Remix)
1.13 Burn the Bunker (Toob's Whatgoesoninhemsbystaysinhemsby Mix)
1.14 So Special (Specialized By Michael Fakesch)
1.15 So Special (Toob's Special Special Mix)
1.16 Black River (Gui Borrato Remix)
1.17 Star (Exclusive Bonus Edition Track)

Bomb the Bass: Future Chaos

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