Bone Poets Orchestra: Atheist Anthems

Bone Poets Orchestra: Atheist Anthems
Title: Atheist Anthems
Label: CD Baby

15 songs, 13 tracks, all celebrating the natural world, right here, right now. Bone Poets is an eight piece band including string trio. Crosby, Stills, Nash style harmonies, Beatlesque strings, Cockburn like acoustic guitar and rock solid grooves.

1.1 Solstice Call
1.2 Secret Voices
1.3 Evolve
1.4 Illumination / Secret of the Rain
1.5 Just Because
1.6 Why Can't We Just
1.7 Secret of the Crossroads Devil
1.8 Cry Freedom
1.9 The Scythe
1.10 Night Waits / Change the Way Things Are
1.11 Cold Winter Comin'
1.12 No Shadows
1.13 Family (Live)

Bone Poets Orchestra: Atheist Anthems

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