Bonepickers: Strollin

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Artist: Bonepickers

Artist: Bonepickers
Title: Strollin

The Bonepickers started out because we love this music. T-boen really changed things for popular music and guitar in particular. Stellar performances here. Great guitar work and a slamming rhythm section makes this music come alive. Participants include former members of John Lee Hooker, Joe Cocker, Curtis Salgado Band, Santana, and Paris Slim! Guitar god in the Mannish boys. Pick it up you won't be disappointed....

1.1 Tell Me the Reason
1.2 Blue Mood
1.3 Party Girl
1.4 Evening
1.5 Strollin'
1.6 I Get So Weary
1.7 Inspiration Blues
1.8 Life Is Too Short
1.9 Alimony Blues
1.10 Get These Blues Off Me
1.11 2 Bones

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