Boney M.: Boney M.-Diamonds (40th Anniversary Edition)

Boney M.: Boney M.-Diamonds (40th Anniversary Edition)
Title: Boney M.-Diamonds (40th Anniversary Edition)
Label: Sony

Special vinyl size Fan box including 3 CDs, plus bonus documentary DVD (German language with no subtitles), t-shirt, sticker album and vinyl copy of the First Boney M. album "Take The Heat Off Me".CDs one and two of the 3 CD set feature all hit singles in chronological order including unreleased 7" single versions. The third CD features an exclusive 30 minute mega mix by the German DJ team Bodybangers and new mixes from Bassflow and Blank & Jones.

1.1 Baby Do You Wanna Bump, Pt. 1
1.2 Daddy Cool
1.3 No Woman No Cry
1.4 Sunny
1.5 Ma Baker
1.6 Belfast
1.7 Rivers of Babylon
1.8 Brown Girl in the Ring
1.9 Rasputin
1.10 Painter Man
1.11 Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord
1.12 Dancing in the Streets
1.13 Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi - Holiday
1.14 Gotta Go Home
1.15 El Lute
1.16 Bahama Mama
1.17 I'm Born Again
1.18 I See a Boat on the River
1.19 My Friend Jack
2.1 Children of Paradise
2.2 Gadda - Da
2.3 Felicidad (Margherita)
2.4 Malaika
2.5 Consuela Biaz
2.6 We Kill the World
2.7 The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover)
2.8 Going Back West
2.9 Jambo - Hakuna Matata (No Problems)
2.10 Somewhere in the World
2.11 Exodus (Noah's Ark 2001)
2.12 Kalimba de Luna
2.13 Happy Song
2.14 My Chérie Amour
2.15 Young, Free and Single
2.16 Bang Bang Lulu
2.17 Stories
2.18 Papa Chico
2.19 Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman)
3.1 Song of Joy - Boney M. Feat. Liz Mitchell
3.2 Running Man (Frankie's on the Run) - Boney M. Feat. Guyana
3.3 Sunny
3.4 Nightflight to Venus
3.5 Ma Baker
3.6 Daddy Cool
3.7 Kalimba de Luna
3.8 Rasputin
3.9 Rivers of Babylon
3.10 Daddy Cool
3.11 Sunny
3.12 Sunny
3.13 Rivers of Babylon
3.14 Kalimba de Luna
3.15 Rasputin

Boney M.: Boney M.-Diamonds (40th Anniversary Edition)

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