Bosca Banks

Bosca Banks: Hits Jammer

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Artist: Bosca Banks

Artist: Bosca Banks
Title: Hits Jammer

Upbeat music you can really get your groove to, with conscious lyrics and lots of ' LOVE...'. Strong rythms that makes you wanna dance your to your heart's content. Enjoy !!!!!!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Come Get It
1.3 Kick Starter
1.4 Dirty Love
1.5 Do Right
1.6 Window Shopping
1.7 Kick Starter [Dance Mix]
1.8 No Self Defeat
1.9 Love That Stays
1.10 She Wannit So
1.11 Control
1.12 U Lek Plaba
1.13 Hear and Listen
1.14 Come Get It [Instrumental]
1.15 Dirty Love [Dub Mix]
1.16 Motion
1.17 Thank U

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