Boss Rebel

Boss Rebel: Dirty

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Artist: Boss Rebel

Artist: Boss Rebel
Title: Dirty

A perfect mix of bad hair, bad jokes, bad assery, and a whole lot of musical talent, these four Londoners know how to fill the dance floor. It's charming, motor-mouthed wit, rock steady drum beats, thumping bass lines, and outrageous stories in the lyrics of each and every song will always brighten your day as you thank your good fortune they aren't about you ... or maybe they are...

1.1 Ready or Not
1.2 Quiver
1.3 15 Shots
1.4 Walking Into the Sun
1.5 One More Time
1.6 Long Way Home
1.7 Tomorrow's Gonna Suck
1.8 The Flow
1.9 Pierside 3
1.10 Empty Bed

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