Bound by Entrails

Bound by Entrails: Stars Bode You Farewell

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Bound by Entrails
Title: Stars Bode You Farewell

'Bound By Entrails highlight every strength of their music on this album, the best of which is their exceptional composition and songwriting.' ''The Stars Bode You Farewell' will likely be the best album released in 2012, and it's an excellent swan song.'

1.1 Essence of Vagrance
1.2 Threshold of Fear
1.3 Marked Path of Ignorance
1.4 Swan Song
1.5 Traced in Arcane Rime
1.6 Search for Sunken R'lyeh
1.7 Apprehension
1.8 Bemoaning the Lamented
1.9 With Vernal Impunity
1.10 Ghosts of Our Former Selves

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