Bourbon House

Bourbon House: Into The Red

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bourbon House

Title: Into The Red
Label: Von Artists

"The sound of Wisconsin's Bourbon House's riff-based groove rock has been described as "modern rock with a hard 70's blues-rock edge. " As vocalist Lacey Crowe likes to describe their songs, "Straight-up, timeless rock and roll. " Into The Red features 10 tracks. Tracklisting: 1. Dead in the Water 2. 6000 Miles 3. Bad for Me 4. Too High to Care 5. I Got Trouble 6. Love Sick 7. Devil on My Heels 8. Keep Your Head 9. Slow Burn 10. Unavailable.

1.1 Dead in the Water
1.2 6000 Miles
1.3 Bad for Me
1.4 Too High to Care
1.5 I Got Trouble
1.6 Love Sick
1.7 Devil on My Heels
1.8 Keep Your Head
1.9 Slow Burn
1.10 Unavailable

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