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Bradford Newquist: Home

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Title: Home
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In a benefit concert for Chicago's Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, Bradford Newquist launched his 2nd self-produced album ~ HOME. A departure from his highly successful debut album ~ IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH ME...a collection of Cole Porter, Bradford now invites his listeners into his home...a home centered in his passion for music and it's transforming potential. While using a basic, stripped back production for his Cole Porter recording in order to create a sonic affect of listening to the music in it's original vinyl format, this recording, with the assistance of William A. Underwood (arranger and musical director) has greater contemporary breath by using full orchestrations including winds, strings, percussion and additional vocals. Come home with Bradford, where music celebrates life and inspires each of us to live our dreams. Audience members, listeners and even composers are all ready singing their praises for Bradford's new recording,HOME: 'I love your recording of Here's To Life. Your vocal is beautiful and the arrangement is very inventive.' ~ Artie Butler, composer 'I think you've done a splendid job. All the songs are superbly performed and arranged, and the packaging is gorgeous. Please tell William Underwood how much I enjoyed his fine and sensitive arrangement of Open Up My Eyes. I am so pleased that you chose to include it and that you sing it so beautifully.' ~ Bruce Pomahac, composer 'HOME is a lovely soft revealing album. Your voice is very easy listening and I am pleased with your arrangement and production of Eternal Love!' ~ Paul Jason Bartholomew, lyricist.

1.1 Come and Journey with Me
1.2 Music Is the Anwer / with a Smile and a Song
1.3 Grateful
1.4 I'll Know (I Have Succeeded)
1.5 Eternal Love
1.6 Nature Boy
1.7 Here's to Life
1.8 Open Up My Eyes
1.9 No One Is Alone / Move on
1.10 Never Never Land
1.11 Into the Light
1.12 Homeward Bound / Home
1.13 The Best Seat in the House

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