Bradley Sowash: In the Moment

Bradley Sowash: In the Moment
Title: In the Moment
Label: CD Baby

From the Liner Notes: Some find it through silence. I arrive there through intensity. I may be running hard, lost in a flurry of piano notes, or halfway down a ski slope when, suddenly, I am intensely aware and feel, somehow, more fully alive. In The Moment is inspired by times such as these and the events that lead up to them. Listener Comments: 'I have listened to 'In the Moment' -- my new favorite CD -- at least a dozen times and have recommended your work to that many people and probably more!' - Kristen 'I love this CD perhaps more than the first two, though that is still difficult for me to admit because, as [my husband] will attest, I played those constantly with delight every single time.' - Jan, NBC Executive, Los Angeles, CA Reviews: Wind and Wire A jubilant third CD from one of the most dynamic pianists around, In The Moment exudes optimism without any trace of sugarcoating... A very multi-faceted artist, I love seeing the many pianistic sides of Bradley's music, and hope he'll continue to follow his muse in any way he sees fit! A great, meaty CD! - Kathy Parsons Morehouse Publishing 'Critically acclaimed composer and performer Bradley Sowash blends contemporary jazz with classical stylings in these spirited solo piano pieces. Fast-paced, lyrical selections in which Sowash beautifully captures the pleasure of life's most intense moments.' Artist Bio: Bradley Sowash is an accomplished solo jazz pianist, composer, educator, and critically acclaimed recording artist, Bradley Sowash's concerts, educational workshops, jazz worship services and public speaking engagements have delighted listeners of all ages throughout the United States and Europe for over 15 years. His emotional style and formidable technique have prompted favorable reviews in national publications including The Village Voice's comment that, 'Sowash's music powerfully conjures the moods.' Known for his instant audience rapport, Billboard Magazine declared, 'He can really move an audience along with zest and wit.'

1.1 In the Moment
1.2 Far and Near
1.3 Molly's Morning
1.4 Steps to the Soul
1.5 Cowboy Theory
1.6 Glide Zone
1.7 Burying Home
1.8 Buskers, Boats, and Boxes
1.9 Noodle Soup
1.10 Domane Nouveau
1.11 Out the Window
1.12 Ash Cave

Bradley Sowash: In the Moment

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