Bram De Looze

Bram De Looze: Switch the Stream

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Artist: Bram De Looze

Artist: Bram De Looze
Title: Switch the Stream
Product Type: VINYL LP

Bram de Looze writes of this new release: "Switch The Stream is about the urge for constant change. About the brain's addiction to the new. The Chris Maene Straight Strung Grand Piano has a very specific sound that (for a modern ear) projects in a peculiar way. The bringing back and combining of a few important historical piano-building techniques in a modern instrument is something that inspires me and motivates me to experiment with. Coming out of an intense period with pianofortes, I could continue into a further stage of composition and improvisation. On the cover of the album you see geese during their seasonal long distance migration from the polar region; they feel free to stretch their legs on a newly built highway. This is an image with focus on constant movement. Such as the musical direction in the moment is perceived, processed, developed, twisted, and altered. Constantly striving to capture the intangible."

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