Brandon Kocher

Brandon Kocher: All My Dreams

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Brandon Kocher

Title: All My Dreams
Label: CD Baby

'All My Dreams' is a great representation of Brandon Kocher's playful, spiritual and charismatic personality. Each song has it's own story to tell about Brandon's emotional, physical and spiritual experiences in this life. 'A Walk this Morning' was inspired by his father who was unable to walk after having surgery on his spine. Thankfully Mr. Kocher (dad) is once again able to have his walk in the morning! 'Priority' was written as a check point in Brandon's life, as he was sorting his own priorities. 'What really is priority? Life itself is it first the air we breathe?' The song 'Recognize' was co-written with one of Brandon's closest friends Michael Minnaugh. It's a song that encourages us to slow down in this fast pace world and enjoy all that surrounds us. 'Take the time to Recognize your family and your friends.' Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys, is the original writer of the song 'Surfer Girl.' Brandon was inspired to learn to play the song on the ukulele, after having gone to Maui with his girl friend Rebecca to visit her family. Rebecca, now Brandon's wife, grew up on Maui and gifted Brandon a beautiful hand made Hawaiian ukulele. 'Surfer Girl' was the first song Brandon, learned to play as a tribute to the beautiful surfer girl he fell in love with. The title track 'All My Dreams' was co-written with Brandon's recording engineer Lino Sistu in Nook Studio. Upon trying to decide which song to record as the fifth and last song on the EP, Lino challenged Brandon to not look back at old songs, but look forward and continue to write. Almost immediately 'All My Dreams' was born and ready to share with the world. Enjoy!

1.1 A Walk This Morning
1.2 Priority
1.3 Recognize
1.4 Surfer Girl
1.5 All My Dreams

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