Brandon Sturiale

Brandon Sturiale: Light of a New Day

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Title: Light of a New Day
Label: CD Baby

These 12 songs celebrate the beauty of a solo piano; no vocals, no strings, just the pure sound of a grand piano playing original songs that range from uplifting and joyous to reflective and somber. The melodies evoke imagery and emotion, and will take the listener on a touching journey from start to finish. What critics are saying: ***** (5 out of 5 stars) 'Light of a New Day opens with the title song, a gently upbeat and optimistic beginning. "First Impressions" has a warm and tender melody that is strong enough to support lyrics, although none are needed. I really like "Not Even the Rain," a poignant ballad that expresses a variety of emotions - beautiful! "Lake Placid" conveys a calming stillness that soothes deeply. I love "Earthshine," a lively and passionate piece that uses the deep bass of the piano to great effect. One of the main themes is quiet and flowing and alternates with a theme that is stronger and more powerful - a great piece! "Season After Season" returns to warm musical gentleness and optimism. I also really like the grace and sincerity of "Forgiveness," which seems to come straight from the heart. "Emily's Lullaby" is as sweet and loving as they come and is suitable for any age! My other favorite (besides "Earthshine") is "Until Tomorrow Comes." Propelled by a quiet intensity, it could be a passionate love song or the reflections of a solitary soul at the piano late at night. Either way, it's exceptional! Recommended!'-Kathy Parsons, "Sturiale is an incredibly talented composer/performer...who writes lush melodies. I wouldn't be surprised if someday soon [he] turns up on Broadway."-D.L. Lepidus, Chelsea Clinton News, New York NY "Sturiale, whose amusing banter indicates he could capitalize on that skill, writes melodies that could be considered exploratory-cum-lush."-David Finkle, Backstage, New York NY I hope you enjoy my music! Sheet music available at my website, listed in the Biography section.

1.1 Light of a New Day
1.2 First Impressions
1.3 Not Even the Rain
1.4 Lake Placid
1.5 Sweet Sorrow
1.6 Chasing the Dream
1.7 Earthshine
1.8 Season After Season
1.9 Forgiveness
1.10 The Invisible Dancer
1.11 Emily's Lullaby
1.12 Until Tomorrow Comes

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