Brecker, Randy / Holmquist, Mats

Brecker, Randy / Holmquist, Mats: Together (with Umo Jazz Orchestra)

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Product Type: CD

Title: Together (with Umo Jazz Orchestra)
Label: Summit(Classical)

This CD features three compositions and one arrangement written in the late eighties; three arrangements of Chick Corea compositions and two new re-compositions based on famous standards. In other words three different periods are represented; late eighties, beginning of the 2000s (Chick Corea) and the present (re-composition of standards).

1.1 One Million Circumstances
1.2 Summer and Winter
1.3 Never Let Me Go
1.4 Windows
1.5 All My Things
1.6 Crystal Silence
1.7 Humpty Dumpty
1.8 My Stella
1.9 Always Young

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