Bren: Anywhere But Here

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Artist: Bren

Artist: Bren
Title: Anywhere But Here

[BRËN]'s debut album 'Anywhere But Here...' was written, arranged, produced, and performed entirely by [BRËN]--from the drums, bass, and keyboards to the guitars and vocals! It was mixed at by Brian Boozer, Sharon Marie, Gary Batsch, and [BRËN] and was mastered at the A-LIST GRAMMY-winning facility 'The Mastering Lab' by Sangwook 'Sunny' Nam--the same mastering firm that has mastered PINK FLOYD, FAITH HILL, RAY CHARLES, TIM McGRAW, and many other A-LIST artists. One year in the making, 'Anywhere But Here...' is was originally conceived by [BRËN] while undergoing a period of personal growth and reflection, as evidenced by the album's metaphoric title and emotive tracks. Fans of Breaking Benjamin, Dream Theater, Muse, Opeth, and Porcupine Tree will dig this music!!! It rocks!!!

1.1 Only Human
1.2 Another Animal
1.3 Far
1.4 Worth the Weight
1.5 Solace
1.6 Better Man
1.7 The Reaping Stone
1.8 Falling
1.9 Out of Nowhere
1.10 Epic
1.11 I Walk Away
1.12 The Tinman
1.13 Fly Away

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