Brenda Schuman-Post

Brenda Schuman-Post: Oboe of the World

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Title: Oboe of the World
Label: CD Baby

Jazz, classical, ethnic, world, world fusion, wild, eye opening, contemporary, modern, "Drawing upon the past to give to the future". All these words describe Oboe of the World. The oboe or shawm, in all it's many ethnic varieties, plays a meaningful role in ceremonial music worldwide. It is almost always accompanied by double headed drums. It's sound serves to gather the community, announcing a joyful and uplifting event. This album draws upon Brenda's understanding of the role of the oboe in human cultures. Exploring and using the vast language of the modern oboe, it's extended techniques and it's highest level of conventional expression, she brings to the Western instrument an enormous range and versatility and links it to it's ethnic counterparts. While the percussionists play traditional rhythms and patterns, Brenda is improvising, drawing upon the capabilities, styles, techniques, art and music of the many different oboes of the world including North and West Africa, Venezuela, China, India, Japan and Europe. 'Groundbreaking!' 'She reminds me of John Coltrane in 'My Favorite Things'. 'She takes from the past to give to the future'. 'Wild woman of the oboe'

1.1 What a Wonderful World
1.2 Koteba (Initiation Dance)
1.3 Reciprocity
1.4 Caracas
1.5 Redheaded Racheal
1.6 El Plato Amarillo
1.7 Tunisia
1.8 Gordon
1.9 Peking Opera Style
1.10 Orientale
1.11 Homage to Bismillah
1.12 My Yiddishe Momme
1.13 Bein Green
1.14 Cranes
1.15 Killer "B"

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