Brett Ellis

Brett Ellis: Musical Diary of the Hopeless Romantic

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Artist: Brett Ellis

Artist: Brett Ellis
Title: Musical Diary of the Hopeless Romantic

This is my second release the follow up to my 1st album Pain. It is a concept record like Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall but in more of a Blues style with many other styles in addition to that. This is the reason for the title 'Musical Diary of the Hopeless Romantic' you can call it Musical Diary or The Diary for short. It seems to grow and attach to listeners the more they listen. I believe the lyric and emotion in addition to not knowing what will come next is the reason for this. This album is best listened to as a whole piece with multiple movements.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Musica de Romantica
1.3 Lonely Blue
1.4 Bleeding Heart
1.5 Punk Rock Blues
1.6 Sounds of Staring at the Ceiling
1.7 One Last Time
1.8 Dance of the Little Swans
1.9 Marcha Real
1.10 Black Monday (Warrior of Love)
1.11 Nothing (Return of the Numbing)
1.12 Has Anybody Here?
1.13 Ain't Nobody Here
1.14 Barrelhouse
1.15 Last Call Blues

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