Brett Ellis

Brett Ellis: Reflections of Electrified Music

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Artist: Brett Ellis

Artist: Brett Ellis
Title: Reflections of Electrified Music

'Reflections Of Electrified Music' is a mega-awesome collection of incredible guitar rock mojo by supreme axemaster Brett Ellis. Includes 13 tracks (76 mins.) of blistering-hot, intense, bad-ass, killer, rippin', blues-based heavy guitar power trio riffage that will blow your mind & rock your world. Brett Ellis is an amazing, gifted guitarist who speaks the six string truth through his instrument as he unleashes an explosive, relentless dose of serious musical mayhem on his guitar. Complete with powerful heavy riffage and brain-damaging in-your-face rippin' leads, Ellis takes us to the Outskirts of Infinity and Beyond with his phenomenal display of fretboard fury. As an added Bonus, Brother Ellis nails down an outstanding version of 'Dream On' to wind-out this essential, mind-blowing musical guitar rock journey and experience that is Highly recommended to fans of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Marino, Robin Trower, Uli Jon Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Bonamassa & Eric Gales.

1.1 20 in 5
1.2 Listen
1.3 Jimi Cool
1.4 Space Blues
1.5 Electrified Music
1.6 Stratocaster
1.7 Make It Rain
1.8 Built for Speed
1.9 Stone Cold Killer
1.10 Rise Up
1.11 Firehorse
1.12 Guiltlessly Free
1.13 Dream on

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