Brian Eno

Brian Eno: Drums Between the Bells

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Artist: Brian Eno

Artist: Brian Eno
Title: Drums Between the Bells

Brian Eno first came across the work of Rick Holland in the late 90's during the MAP-MAKING project. In early 2011, following the release of SMALL CRAFT ON a MILK SEA (Brian's debut album for Warp Records), the pair resolved to finish the project. DRUMS BETWEEN THE BELLS is the result, a new CD that pairs Enos prickly electronics with Hollands poetry.

1.1 Bless This Space
1.2 Glitch
1.3 Dreambirds
1.4 Pour It Out
1.5 Seedpods
1.6 The Real
1.7 The Airman
1.8 Fierce Aisles of Light
1.9 As If Your Eyes Were Partly Closed As If You Honed the Swirl Within the
1.10 A Title
1.11 Sounds Alien
1.12 Dow
1.13 Multimedia
1.14 Cloud 4
1.15 Silence
1.16 Breath of Crows

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