Brian Kilcourse

Brian Kilcourse: Unfinished Business

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Brian Kilcourse

Title: Unfinished Business
Label: CD Baby

UNFINISHED BUSINESS is a collection of 12 all-new recordings from Brian Kilcourse, as a follow-up to his 2003 release MEGATON MELODIES (also available on CDBABY). Recorded in Walnut Creek, CA from January 2003 through June 2004, each song features Brian on vocals and guitars, bass, and keys. Pedal Steel Guitarist Bob Littleton joins Brian on one track (Right On Time). The tracks were mastered by Mark Stein at Shoreline Digital Mastering, Mill Valley, CA. The criterion for each song's inclusion is that the song had to have been left in an 'unfinished' state right up until the recording date- either an unfinished lyric, or a guitar line without words, or (in one case) an old song that was never quite as envisioned, or simply a song that for one reason or another was never recorded. Brian has been playing music in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. He and his band Slim Chance & The Guilty Saints are currently gigging in the East Bay Area, and are featuring many of Brian's original tunes.

1.1 No Disgrace
1.2 The Singing Wood
1.3 McClure's
1.4 Sleeping with the Light on
1.5 Darlin' Why
1.6 Hey Lou
1.7 Promise of Spring
1.8 Bad Habit
1.9 The Light
1.10 Right on Time
1.11 Fade to Green
1.12 Unfinished Business

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