Brian McNeill

Brian McNeill: The Road Never Questions

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Brian McNeill

Title: The Road Never Questions
Label: Mad River Records

1.1 The Condolences Set: Brian McNeill's Condolences to Mr. Major, Mr. Port
1.2 Jamie Come Try Me
1.3 The Heron
1.4 Strong Women Rule Us All with Their Tears
1.5 Master Crowley's Reel/Bobby Casey's Reel
1.6 Molly's Roses/Hamish Henderson's Refusal
1.7 Mrs. Crotty's Reel/The Shoemaker's Daughter/Return to Camden Town
1.8 Beautiful Dreamer/Traveller's Moon
1.9 Miss Hamilton
1.10 The Heroes' Reels: Tommy Sheridan's/Annie Lawson/Jocky's Treble Tops/As
1.11 Ewen and the Gold
1.12 The Oyster Girl/The Centenary/Shane's Fancy
1.13 Miss Michison Regrets
1.14 The Sidewalk Reels: Cold Frosty Morning/Yankee Dollar/The Trip to Marbl
1.15 Sunday on the Jar
1.16 The Dallas-Domestic-Fort-Worth-Nothin'-Texas-High-Heel-Terminal-Two-Ste
1.17 The Boy's Lamont for His Dragon/The Flower of Denmark's Winter/Kenmure'
1.18 Czarlie Is My Darling/These Boots Were Made for Walkinshaw

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