Perin Brian

Perin Brian: Leave Only Footprints

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Perin Brian

Title: Leave Only Footprints
Label: CD Baby

We all have our playlist know, those discs reserved for road trips, friendly gatherings or IPod moments. We reach for these when we just want to put something on and listen..get absorbed...sing air guitar...without changing the station or setting it on shuffle. Well, you may want to make room for one more in your list, Leave Only Footprints by singer/songwriter Brian Perin. From begining to end, ten infectious and skillfully played tracks will connect to you through folksy blues/rock guitar and earthy lyrics (go ahead, try not ot have them stuck in your head afterward as if they'd been there all along). Perin's love of music is clear and well-represented in his straightforward, unpretentious style.

1.1 Footprints
1.2 On Thru the Weather
1.3 Winter Rain
1.4 Sometimes
1.5 Pennsylvania Blues
1.6 Like to Be President
1.7 Shot for the Show
1.8 Psycho You
1.9 Carmelina
1.10 John Gluber

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