Brian Vogan

Brian Vogan: High 5

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Artist: Brian Vogan

Artist: Brian Vogan
Title: High 5

Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies are an innovative kindie rock band based in Seattle, Washington. The group's fifth studio album High 5 is now available for purchase or download! Led by teacher and songwriter Brian Vogan, the Good Buddies bring creative and diverse music to children and parents around the world. Featuring themes relevant to children ages 0-7, the band also specializes in performing finely crafted music that won't drive parents away with unnecessary pandering. Seattle's #1 weekly newspaper The Stranger once proclaimed: 'Seattle's Brian Vogan can and should take credit for inventing a new genre of kids' music called 'kindie rock.' With stylistic influences ranging from classical to world music, and from sunshine pop to downright punk rock, the Good Buddies will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Pick up your copy or download of High 5 today!

1.1 We Smile the Same
1.2 Potty Time
1.3 The Princess Song
1.4 Rattlesnake Shake
1.5 Snow Day
1.6 Nuts About You
1.7 Stomp
1.8 By My Side
1.9 Green Louise
1.10 Slugs Go Slow
1.11 And We'll Dance

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