Bridgecity: Christ Be Glorified

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Artist: Bridgecity

Artist: Bridgecity
Title: Christ Be Glorified

Bridgecity, Brandon Bee Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine, Slide Guitar, Jeremy Scott Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals, Nate Scott Drums, Chris Pitoyo Bass Guitar, Jay Sudarma Drums, Gabe Adams Electric Guitar, Jenny Civis Keyboards, Isaac Tarter Keyboards, Vocals, Kim-Maree Janzen Vocals, Background Vocals, Eric Tarter Bass Guitar, Adam Smucker Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Hannah Hategan Vocals, Joe Garibay Drums, Jessica Borota Background Vocals, Yas Hantoni Electric Guitar.

1.1 Light a Fire (3:58)
1.2 All That I Am (3:55)
1.3 Always (3:55)
1.4 The Old Rugged Cross (I Am Free) (3:50)
1.5 Depths (4:24)
1.6 Christ Be Glorified (4:16)
1.7 How We Need You Father (5:38)
1.8 God You Are Good (4:08)
1.9 Face to Face (4:26)
1.10 Awaken Hearts (4:26)
1.11 Nothing But the Blood (I'm New) (5:04)
1.12 Oh the Blood (5:17)

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