Brocel Ande

Brocel Ande: Barley Rigs

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Artist: Brocel Ande

Artist: Brocel Ande
Title: Barley Rigs

BARLEY RIGS is an upbeat, magical recording of songs traditionally performed during, or inspired by, Autumn and Harvest time. Selections range from lusty harvest songs such as \'The Barley Corn\' and \'The Band o\' Shearers\' to haunting divination chants (\'The Magpie\') to joyous multi-part Renaissance madrigals. Songs of barley and wine, celebration and loss, pious virtue and reckless abandon, this is Broceliande\'s most earthen concoction to date, served up with agrarian boldness and spiced with jubilant wonder. Broceliande is: MARGARET DAVIS - vocals, Celtic harp, recorders, flute KARL FRANZEN - guitar, vocals, bouzouki, melodeon, whistle KRISTOPH KLOVER - vocals, 12-string and 6-string guitar, octave mandolin, oboe, whistle, drum KRIS YENNEY - cello, vocals, viola da gamba, drum, whistle.

1.1 The Barley Corn
1.2 The Band O Shearers
1.3 Margot Labourez Les Vignes
1.4 The Magpie
1.5 Now Westlin Winds
1.6 Islay Reapers Song
1.7 Good Ale
1.8 Gigue/Hewlett
1.9 Dancing Bear
1.10 Cambric Shirt
1.11 Three Ravens
1.12 He That Drinks Is Immortal
1.13 Corn Rigs
1.14 The Bonnie Lad That Handles the Plough
1.15 Thrice Toss These Oaken Ashes
1.16 The Banshee Set

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