Broken Clown

Broken Clown: Chewbacalypse Now

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Broken Clown

Artist: Broken Clown
Title: Chewbacalypse Now

Confusatron is a musical atrocity from southern Maine. Many have attempted to describe their music and, upon trying, have imploded. It's not pretty. Confusatron is actually a multi-genre bandbot. A combination of three separate robots: Mixolydicon (Doug Porter - Guitar and Vocals), Ultraflam (Adam Cogswell - Drums and Percussion), and Rumblebot (Jason LaFrance - Bass and Computer). They battle the evil mainstream Audiobots to keep their 'music' from melting the brains of the innocent public and destroying humanity as we know it. Their musical influences are wide in range from Mr. Bungle, Primus, and Fugazi to John Zorn, Frank Zappa, and The Residents; however, they seem to be influenced as much by Adult Swimâ?¢ cartoons and the video games they play as they are by the music they listen to. If you are looking for something new that is both challenging and unique. Hey! Look over here!

1.1 Turboface
1.2 Inspector Pecker
1.3 Master Sheik
1.4 Preparation F
1.5 Chewbacalypse Now
1.6 Acwapsion
1.7 Gauntlet of the Trailer Park
1.8 -
1.9 Old Hobo Death Camp
1.10 Barbara
1.11 New Hobo Death Camp
1.12 Comeback Little Eggbot
1.13 Young Coconut Juice with Jelly
1.14 Ace in the Hole
1.15 Flying Spoon Reprise
1.16 Shangri-La
1.17 Co-Ojen Basenji
1.18 Officer

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