Broken Fences

Broken Fences: Stormy Clouds EP

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Artist: Broken Fences

Artist: Broken Fences
Title: Stormy Clouds EP
Product Type: VINYL LP

In contrast to the fully-produced full length debut they released in June of 2012, Broken Fences' sophomore EP 'Stormy Clouds' features a more raw, stripped-down approach, which led to the decision to make it a 10' vinyl/digital release. As always, the emphasis is on the lyrics and vocal harmonies, and the 4-song EP uses the same four musicians for each track, creating a live, intimate, in-your-living-room vibe. Fans who have heard the band live may recognize these 4 songs as staples of Broken Fences set lists.

1.1 Stormy Clouds
1.2 Rove
1.3 Little Prayer
1.4 Half-Asleep
1.5 Call of the Zoob

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