Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels: OK Hotel

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: OK Hotel
Label: Decca Uk
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. OK Hotel is the latest studio album from Broken Witt Rebels, the Birmingham quartet whose music walks the line between contemporary sonics and roots rock passion - a heady blend of blues, soul, wailing rock guitar and deeply heartfelt vocals. Produced by The Wind and The Wave's Dwight Baker in Austin, Texas, these 13 new songs have the fresh feel of a band looking to seriously move the needle; all of the personal, emotive aspects of the BWRs sound remain intact, but now everything is honed to a sharper point, the vision bigger and broader, the production giving full rein to the commercial ambition of the songs. From fired-up modern rocker 'Money' through the anthemic, uplifting strains of 'Running With The Wolves' and onto the spine-tingling 'Birmingham' (yes, finally a song about the Birmingham not in Alabama!), this is a record that grabs the lapels and simply refuses to let go.

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