Bronn Journey

Bronn Journey: Goodnight

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Artist: Bronn Journey

Artist: Bronn Journey
Title: Goodnight

The Surgeon General's warning is to NOT listen to 'Goodnight' while driving! This recording will relax and calm your soul. The stress of the day will gently drift away to a calming place. Thirty-two years ago, a volunteer with the Seattle Public Schools placed a harp in Bronn's hands for the first time and began teaching the 11 year old boy how to play. He advanced rapidly, and soon moved on to study with harpist Edith Lundgren. By the time he was 16, he was performing professionally in fine hotels and restaurants in the Seattle area. After high school, Bronn was accepted to the School of Music at the University of Washington where he received instruction from Pamela Vokelek. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in 1985. Bronn's dazzling virtuosity and humorous approach to a seriously classical instrument have made him a favorite with concert goers. 'Because of the experience of playing in a variety of settings, I am very comfortable playing in many different styles,' comments Bronn. Classical, Sacred, Broadway and Popular tunes all flow effortlessly from the strings of his harp. Seventeen albums are currently available on 'Phileo Music.' They are sold in fine gift shops across the US and Canada and of course right here on CD Baby and Bronn's web page! When first introduced to the idea of a harp concert, many audiences may respond by asking, 'The harp? Isn't that what cherubs play?' The answer in Bronn's case is - 'Perhaps! But do cherubs play everything from Classics to Folk to Broadway?' Even though he's not a cherub, Bronn delivers a widely varied repertoire with wit and humor.

1.1 Bronn's Lullaby (Close Your Eyes)
1.2 Greensleeves
1.3 When You Wish Upon a Star
1.4 Mozart's Lullaby (Wiegenlied)
1.5 All Through the Night (Ar Hyd y Nos)
1.6 Brahm's Lullaby (Wiegenlied)
1.7 Goodnight
1.8 The Lord's My Shepherd (Crimond)
1.9 Today
1.10 Sleep My Baby (Suo Gan)
1.11 Longer
1.12 All the Pretty Little Horses
1.13 Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra
1.14 Sentimental Journey
1.15 Goodnight My Angel

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